Manual lymphatic drainage is a massage therapy technique in which gentle massage is applied to various areas of the body to improve lymphatic circulation and the lymphatic system.

How many lymphatic drainage sessions are needed?

Its mechanical benefits for fluid retention or any type of edema are temporary, in addition to the fact that several sessions are required to see its effects. Usually, about 10 sessions are recommended.

As part of the service, Diamant Thai Massage allows you to customize your massage to suit your mood and the activities to be performed. You can choose: the music, the color of the environment, the aromatherapy for body or feet, the pressure of your massage and the type of massage...


The great benefits of massage are obtained by taking it regularly. With this package you also get great savings and it is designed to take 1 session per week throughout the month. Includes: 4 Special Diamond Thai Massage for Relax, Pain, Stress or Therapy.

Massage: 4massages

Duration: 60 min. Each sessionNormal

Price: 100 CHF.

Action per package: 320 CHF.

It includes:

- Aromatic therapy for the feet, about.5 minutes.

-Thai Traditional Massage about 5 minutes.

- Oil with aroma or without aroma.

Note: This service is not transferable.


Give the gift of a massage in one of our various fusions of Thai massage in a state of relaxation and purity. Let yourself be pampered by the hands of the masseuse and rejuvenate in moments of health and well-being. The voucher of the massage studio Voucher can be redeemed at any time, it can not be used for other services. Please book your desired date in advance or at your leisure.Remember that in our office, TWIN or transfer the money directly to the bank account. To do this, send an email or a message through one of our social networks.

Once the payment is made, we will send you the voucher card to print directly to your phone, WhatsApp or E-Mail.


The best option for the whole family to enjoy a relaxing or therapeutic Thai massage, you can share this Gutshain with up to 5 members. Each with different layers.Description Relaxing, aromatic, therapeutic Thai massage for the whole family. You can choose from the list of massages on the page according to your choice, you can also get suggestions The minimum requirement for the service is 5 years.


Relax Massage Body massage with or without aroma, using synergies of essential and vegetable oils.

Anti-stress massage with aromatic or unscented fragrance.

Therapeutic massage, for muscle pain in general, includes special rose, lemon, lemon balm and menthol ointment.

STYLE: Thai.


* Relaxes body and mind deeply

* Eliminate stress and nervous tension

* Relaxes and relieves muscle contractures

* Reduces pain in general

* Activates blood circulation

* Nourishes and regenerates tissues

* Provides the body with oxygen


It is applied to the face, skull and the whole body.

Massage: 5 massages

Duration: 60 min.

Each sessionNormal

Price: 100 CHF.

Action per package: 420 CHF.

It includes:

 - Aromatic therapy for the feet, ca.5 minutes.

Remember that the more frequent the massages, the better results you can achieve