1. Before beginning Brazilian waxing, it is worth noting that it is possible to use other methods such as a razor or depilatory cream to remove unwanted hair from the intimate area. However, hot or warm waxing is the best option because, although it is a little more painful, it offers much more lasting results than the previous ones and greatly reduces the possibility of skin irritation.
  2. The first step to Brazilian waxing is to trim the pubic hairs with the help of scissors if they are longer than about 1 cm. It is not a matter of trimming them too short, but to a size where the wax can pull them out by the roots.
  3. Afterwards, we recommend that you wash the area to be waxed very well with an intimate soap, specifically designed to care for and protect the skin on this part of the body. This will remove dead skin cells and the waxing will give better results.
  4. Dry the area well with a clean towel and if you want to minimize the pain caused by Brazilian waxing, apply a little talcum powder to the skin. When you have the hot or warm wax ready, check its temperature by placing it on the inside of your wrist and make sure it won't cause burns.
  5.  Start the Brazilian waxing by applying it in the opposite direction to the pubic hairs. Then place the strip of paper over it, tighten the skin a little by stretching it with your fingers and, with the other hand, make a quick pull following the opposite direction to where the hairs grow. This is the process you should follow until the whole area is epilated.
  6. Once you have finished plucking, use tweezers to remove any unwanted hairs. It is likely that traces of wax will remain on the skin, so to remove them it is advisable to rub a little baby or olive oil on it until it is removed. In addition, these products will help nourish the skin.
  7. Above all, don't forget to apply a good soothing balm or aloe vera gel at the end, which is ideal for repairing damaged skin and preventing irritation and redness. The intimate area is more prone to ingrown hairs, so in the days following Brazilian waxing it is advisable to exfoliate the skin and moisturize it deeply. Also avoid exposing the newly waxed area to the sun and try to wear comfortable cotton underwear if your skin is very sensitive.


Nowadays there are many methods and techniques of hair removal, at DIAMANT WAX we use waxing, which has many advantages, the use of this method continues to convince many people.

This type of hair removal removes the hair from the follicle, so it takes longer to fall out. The wax is applied to the skin and you wait a few seconds until it holds and adheres well. Then it is pulled out with a jerk, always against the direction of hair growth. This wax can be based on vegetable resins or beeswax, and often other elements such as flavorings are added or enriched with compounds such as algae to give it special properties.


A Brazilian waxing includes removing all the pubic hair from the bottom and leaving a little bit of hair in front for decorative purposes, maybe a triangle or a line or even a heart, it all depends on the client's taste, it is very popular among women in summer, because they get to show off their most precious and tiny bikinis and swimsuits with total security.